Meet Luca, Our New Guest Blogger!

Luca Dalton
By Luca Dalton

Hey everyone! I’m Luca, a 17-year-old student currently diving into the exciting world of driving. Let me take you on a little journey about myself, my passions, and my driving adventure.

A Bit About Me
I’m currently studying A levels in Maths, Physics, and Product Design, with a keen interest in pursuing some form of engineering course at university. My passion for problem-solving and innovation drives my academic choices, and I’m excited to see where this path will take me.

Why I Started Learning to Drive
Turning 17 is a milestone, and for me, it marked the perfect time to start learning to drive. With many of my friends hitting the road, I didn’t want to miss out on the freedom and independence that comes with having a driving licence.

My First Car
I’m the proud owner of an Alfa Romeo Mito in Alfa Red. It’s a fantastic little car with an 850cc engine, making it affordable to insure and zero car tax – perfect for a student budget! Plus, it looks absolutely amazing.

Hobbies and Interests
When I’m not hitting the books or the road, you’ll find me engrossed in motorsport. I’m a huge fan of F1, BTCC, and Porsche Carrera Cup GB. I also love the outdoors, and living on the edge of a forest gives me plenty of opportunities to camp and explore. Additionally, I volunteer with my local Cub Pack and am an active Explorer Scout.

Driving Goals and Aspirations
Right now, my main goal is to pass my driving test and gain more experience. I plan to build up my no-claims bonus while studying, and perhaps after university, I’ll look into a new car or more advanced driving pursuits.

Memorable Driving Experiences
I haven’t started driving just yet, but there’s a bit of family lore here. My driving instructor also taught my Dad (who passed first time), my Mum (who took nine attempts), and my older brother (who passed on his second attempt). Here’s hoping I take after my Dad!

Balancing It All
Balancing A levels, driving lessons, and my hobbies can be challenging, but my college is really flexible with lesson timings. Weekends are my time to relax and enjoy either the forest or a race meeting.

The Excitement of Driving Independence
What am I most looking forward to? Freedom! The ability to travel anywhere without relying on public transport is incredibly exciting. Though I suspect my Dad will soon expect me to become his personal taxi driver!

Tips for Fellow Learners
Take your time selecting the right car for you. I bought mine five months before turning 17 after knowing what I wanted since I was 16. Make sure to get an HPI check for peace of mind and have the car thoroughly checked over before buying. Don’t rush the learning process. Some of my friends rushed and failed their practical tests. Aim to pass within 12 months, but at a comfortable pace.

I’m excited to share more of my journey with you all. Stay tuned for updates on my driving lessons and experiences!