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Owning a car comes with responsibilities. This guide informs you what has to be done to keep your car safe and legal on the road

Road tax & fuel

This section of our Car ownership Hub gives you valuable information on taxing your car, making sure its classed as off-road (SORN) should it be laid up for a period and how to make fuel consumption more efficient.


Car tax


The cost of Vehicle Tax depends on the car you drive ...

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Fuel economy


Simple ways to help you economise on your fuel cost...

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SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)


Car off road! Get SORN to save on Vehicle tax & insurance...

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Breakdown cover

What happens if your car has a breakdown? What should you do? We also look at the top reasons why cars breakdown in the first place. Read this, prepare and be confident while out on the road.


Top 10 reasons for a car breakdown

reasons for a car breakdown

Get breakdown cover and take some of the stress out of driving ...

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What to do should your car breakdown

if your car breakdown

Breakdowns can be stressful - be prepared - know what to do...

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Winter breakdowns

winter breakdowns

Cars are more likely to breakdown in Winter than any other time ...

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Servicing & MOT

Here we look at the vital aspect of ensuring your car is road legal, this involves the MOT test which is the health checkup for your car. To drive your car on the road, you must make sure it has passed its annual MOT. We also look at why you should service your vehicle at regular intervals.


Car service


Check the garage out first - before booking your service...

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MOT test


All cars more than 3 years old must have an MOT test...

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Car brakes service


Brakes are the most important safety feature of a car...

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Changing the cam belt


If the cars cam belt breaks - you may need a new engine...

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Simple car maintenance DIY

Did you know that just some simple DIY maintenance can save you hundreds of pounds? We look at oil changes, checking your battery and making sure your tyres are legal.


Simple car maintenance (Quick Read)


Simple car maintenance checks to be done on a regular basis ...

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Don't drive on worn or damaged tyres - keep them safe and legal...

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How to check a car battery


A flat car battery accounts for 20% of all car breakdowns...

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Engine oil


Check your cars engine oil level on a regular basis...

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Coolant / antifreeze


Keep the antifreeze/coolant for the radiator topped up...

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Top FAQs

Any tips to save petrol costs?

Of course. There’s loads of things you can do to increase your fuel economy. Drive efficiently.. Don’t keep the engine running unnecessary. Don’t start the engine until you’re ready to go. If you are queuing in heavy traffic or just waiting, turn the engine off and this will save using fuel. Drive at an appropriate speed. The ... 

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What’s an MOT?

The MOT test is a road safety measure to ensure that all vehicles more than three years old comply with the law and meet road safety and environmental standards. The test confirms that at the time it was taken, the vehicle met the minimum standards. It doesn’t mean the vehicle is roadworthy for the length ... 

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Should I change my tyres?

Tyres are your car’s only contact with the road The tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6 mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread, and around the entire tyre circumference. The amount of each tyre in contact with the road is no more than the size of the ... 

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Why do I have to pay Car Tax?

Car Tax is a government tax on car ownership. It is administrated by DVLA – the same people that issue driving licences. For cars registered since March 2001, the road tax is based on CO2 emissions and fuel type. For cars registered before March 2001, the tax is based on engine size. To read more ... 

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