Learning to be a good driver

Learning to drive can be a life changer! This Guide can help you through the process of passing the theory and driving tests

Before the tests

We know that when starting out on your learning to drive journey, there is information overload. This section of our learning hub concentrates on helping you prepare yourself for your tests, applying for your provisional driving licence and the best way to get into a car and start driving.


Before taking theory and practical tests (Quick Read)

anxiety before driving tests

How to organise yourself to pass the tests...

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Learner driver insurance

learner driver insurance for young drivers

Learner insurance for practicing with family or friends... ...

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How to apply for a provisional driving licence?

Image of Application form to apply for a Provisional driving licence by post

Get your provisional driving licence and start learning...

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Quickest way to pass the driving test

What is the quickest way to pass the driving test ?

You want your full driving licence and you want it NOW!...

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How much does it cost to learn to drive?

What is the true cost of learning to drive

A breakdown of the cost of passing the driving test... ...

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Find a driving instructor

Take your driving lessons with an ADI Approved driving instructor (Green badge). Not a PDI (Potential driving instructor) Pink badge

Take your driving lessons with an ADI...

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Learning to drive with family and friends

Learning to drive with family and friends

Practice with family improves your chance of passing...

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Intensive driving course

Intensive driving lessons

An Intensive driving course! Is it right for you?...

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Taking the tests

So, you’re ready, right? This section helps you understand what happens on the day of both your theory and practical driving tests as well as suggesting some hints and tips that will help you pass, and deal with those last minute nerves.


Taking the theory and practical test (Quick Read)

anxiety before driving tests

The process of taking the theory & practical ...

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Book driving theory test

book driving theory test online

Swot your theory test. Most people fail first time...

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Theory test what happens on the day?

How to pass the theory test

Your mission - to take home the theory test pass certificate......

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Book practical driving test

Apply online fto book practical driving test

Passing the practical driving test - your passport to driving......

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Driving test what happens on the day?

On the day: Practical driving test

Be smart find out what happens on test day!...

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Driving test tips

car hire purchase for young drivers as seen young women in her new car bought on hp

Driving test tips to help you pass your driving test...

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Driving test nerves

Tips on how to stop those driving test nerves

Don't let nerves destroy your chance of passing...

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After you pass

Congratulations. You’ve Passed! Have you thought about putting P Plates on your car to warn other drivers you are a new driver or even thought about talking an enhanced Pass Plus test? Read more about it below.


P Plates

P Plates on the car tell other drivers you have just passed the driving test

Use the P plate - its not uncool - and its not an L plate......

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Pass Plus course

Pass Plus will give you confidence to drive on your own

Take the Pass Plus to give you additional driving confidence ...

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GOV.UK learning videos & links

Did you know that the Government publish official videos to help you get through your tests? This section contains all you need to know from a DVSA point of view.


Top FAQs

What happens during the practical driving test?

There are five parts to the driving test An eyesight check. Show me, tell me vehicle safety questions. General driving ability. Reversing your vehicle. Independent driving. Find out more about the practical driving test in our Learning Hub. ... 

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Do you have any tips to cope with nerves?

Of course.  At times, everyone will suffer from nerves even top sports stars and pop singers get nervous before performing. In fact having some driving test nerves on the day of your theory or practical test can help you to perform better because when your adrenaline kicks in, you become highly focused. Visit our page ... 

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Can I learn with my family or friends?

Yes you can! The DVSA, the people who set the driving test; say learner drivers who receive about 20 hours of driving practice with parents or a friend between driving lessons are more likely to pass at the first attempt. You can also get learner driver insurance to cover you whilst learning. Read more about ... 

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How can I get my Provisional driving licence?

To apply for the provisional driving licence you need to be at least 15 years and nine months old. You can start driving a car when you are 17. At 16, you can begin to ride a moped or a light quad bike. If you receive the enhanced rate of the mobility component of the ... 

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Learning to drive topics

Provisional driving licence – Before you learn to drive you need an official DVLA Prov licence..

Quickest way to pass the driving test Learning to drive as soon as possible? We show you the fastest way to get your full licence.

Intensive driving lessons – A quicker route to taking your test but is intensive lessons right for you?

Cost of learning to drive Driving lessons are not the only expense when you learn to drive. Before starting to drive check out the YCD real cost of getting legal on the road.

Driving lessons with an ADI – 90% of young drivers passing the test at the first attempt learn to drive with an Approved Driving Instructor.

Learning to drive with family and friends – Most drivers who pass the test first time do so with additional driving practice with a family member or friend.

Learner driver insurance – Your driving lessons will include driver insurance. However, you need to get learner driver insurance if you are practicing in somebody else’s car.

Booking the driving theory test How to book your theory test.

On the day: theory test – Did you know that most people fail their driving theory test at the first sitting! Remember theory test revision is a critical part of learning to drive.

Book the practical driving test – You can book the practical test online but not before you have passed your theory test.

On the day: practical test – The Big Day! Be confident your ADI believes you should pass your driving test and so should you!

Driving test tipsTheory and practical driving test tips to help you be ready.

Driving test nerves – Learning to drive is not easy being nervous about your driving test makes learning harder so find out how to control your nerves and still pass the test.

P Pates P Plates can be useful when you have just passed your driving test, but young drivers won’t wear them on their car.

Pass Plus – The Pass Plus helps you to gain additional driving experience with lessons from an ADI instructor. You can practice maneuvers not included when learning to drive such as motorways and night driving. Some Insurance companies give lower insurance premiums for new drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course.

Graduated driver licensing – GDL will change how young adults are taught to drive. Graduated driver licensing is not currently the law, but there are proposals to introduce it in the future.