Spring driving

The sun is low in the sky and rain showers are frequent. Be careful: these are just some of the hazards the new season can bring to the driver. Spring driving can be more dangerous than you might think, so it pays to be prepared.

Spring brings showers and wet driving conditions

Slow down and increase your following driving distance. Roads can become slippery and dangerous with oil and water mixing together.

Drive carefully through puddles

The water from puddles can impair your brakes, cloud your vision, or at worst cause you to hydroplane.

Watch out for others on the road

The milder weather will bring out a variety of road users: motorcyclists, cyclists, horses and riders and pedestrians.


Watch out for roads in poor condition. Hitting a pothole at any speed can throw your car out of alignment as well as seriously damaging your tyres. Roads used by lorries tend to deteriorate more than others. If a tyre is punctured as a result of hitting a pothole, then if you are able to take a photo of the pothole and note the date and time of the incident. Many locals councils operate a compensation scheme for such events.

Watch out for deer

Deer begin to migrate from their winter grounds to areas with food, and at this time of year there are more animal-vehicle encounters. Drivers should be especially vigilant in early morning and evening when the animals are most active.

Be aware of medications and the impact they can have on driving

Spring means seasonal allergies for many drivers. All allergy drugs can have side effects or, taken with other medications, can affect your driving.

Sun can be a hazard

During spring and winter the angle of the sun is low in the sky. This can be a hazard to the driver as it will often be to low for even your visor to be able to help. Sunglasses would be useful and if you are blinded by glare reduce your speed.

With winter over now is a good time to check out your car

You should check out your car maintenance at regular periods and before any long journey. check the engine oil level, radiator level, windscreen washer level and tyre pressures.

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