Learning to drive with family and friends

Getting extra practice with family and friends could be your secret weapon in learning to drive.

Learning to drive with parents, other family and friends can improve your chance of passing the driving test


Why you need additional practice?

The DVSA, the people who set the driving test; say learner drivers who receive about 20 hours of driving practice with parents or a friend between driving lessons are more likely to pass at the first attempt.

Who can supervise you while you’re learning to drive?

Friends or family members who want to help you learn to drive must:

  • Have sufficient experience and be a qualified driver.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Hold a valid GB – NI or EU driving licence.
  • Have held the licence for at least three years.


Tips for teaching a learner driver

Learning to drive with a friend or  family member can be a stressful time for both the person supervising and the learner driver, especially if:

  • You, the supervising driver has not given driving instruction before.
  • And, your car is to be driven by a Learner driver.

Don’t relax too much! Be prepared for any hazard or emergency. You won’t have dual control, so you do need to put your trust in the learner driver.

Be consistent! Be clear and precise with your directions and give the Learner Driver plenty of notice.

Choose the routes carefully. Take a trip that is considerate to the learner driver and remember it is illegal for learners to go on motorways.

Stop and take breaks and discuss how the driving is going – stay a relaxed, environment! Don’t shout and stress the learner driver. Instead, keep calm and carry on driving.

Learner driver insurance

Lessons with a driving instructor include insurance. But, when learning to drive with family or friends, you must be insured to drive the car. There are several ways of doing this.


The “Drivers Record”

The “Drivers Record” is for teaching someone to drive and is published by the DVSA. The Drivers Record will assist the learner and the person supervising to keep track with progress when learning to drive.
Download the DVSA Driver Record here.

Penalty points – be careful

You can be fined and get penalty points on your provisional driving licence – even before you have passed your test:

  • If, you drive without the right supervision.
  • If, you commit a traffic offence such as speeding.

So be prepared: learn the Highway Code and be a responsible driver. Learning to drive with family and friends can help to reinforce what you cover in your driving lessons.


L Plates

You need to display ‘L’ Plates (or ‘D’ plates in Wales) at all times on both the front and back of the car. The ‘L’ must be removed or covered when a full licence holder is driving.


A good idea is for the supervising driver to use removable rear view and wing mirrors, like those fitted to driving school cars. These temporary mirrors will give good driving visibility from the passenger seat.


Uninsured driving – having your licence revoked

If caught driving a car you’re not insured for; you could receive; a minimum fixed penalty fine of £300 and six penalty points.

If a driver has 6 or more points on their provisional license then if they get 1 or more points after passing their test within 24 months their license will be revoked. If they keep a clean record for 24 months after passing the endorsement will remain on their license until three years after the offence.

Having six penalty points before passing their test will not lead to the license being revoked only getting additional points will.

Learning to drive

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