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The Owners Manual is issued when the car is brand new

See that dusty old leather-bound book in your car’s glove compartment?

That’s your owners manual. You’ve probably never read it – but make sure you keep a hold of it.

Owner’s manuals are crucial, as they tell you everything you need to know about the mechanics of your car. For instance, if your lights no longer work and have blown a fuse, you can check your manual for the right replacement fuse to purchase. Car displaying a symbol you don’t recognise? Check your manual.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the owners manual.

Is it a legal requirement to be given a manual?

No. When you buy a new car, it will come with an owners manual. When buying used, the vast majority of trustworthy sellers will supply the car with the original owners manual.

In general, it’s good practice to always keep it in your glove compartment, in case you need it. Seeing a car for sale without the owners manual should raise a few eyebrows – beware.

I’ve lost my owners manual – what should I do?

Worry not. Manufacturers typically upload their owner manuals in PDF forms, so you can access it as long as you have an internet connection.

Top tip – download it onto your phone. It takes up next to no memory, and it’s much handier than having to dig out the book!

Here are a few quick links to some popular manufacturers and their owner’s manuals directories:

I don’t want a digital replacement – can I get another hardcopy?

If you want a hardcopy, your best bet is to contact your dealer and ask if they have any spares.

It’s also worth contacting a manufacturer franchised dealer, as they might be able to help you out. Unfortunately, though, you might just have to settle for a digital manual.