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Nine out of ten young drivers who pass first time have taken 30 - 40 hours of lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor. Sounding like it might be a good idea? Then find out more about finding a driving instructor on this page.

Find a driving instructor: 9/10 young drivers who pass at the first attempt have between 30 and 40 hours of driving lessons with an ADI


Learn with a Green Badge Approved Driving Instructor

Make sure you understand the difference between an ADI and a PDI:

  • ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) has qualified to teach you to drive and will display a Green DVSA badge on the car windscreen.
  • PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) Pink badge is currently training to become qualified and have not yet met the DVSA standards to be an ADI.


Some driving schools employ pink Badge instructors

When booking driving lessons confirm, you are getting an Approved Driving Instructor and not a trainee.

If you decide to take lessons with an unqualified instructor you really should be paying less than you would for an ADI.

How much are driving lessons going to cost?

With an ADI, a one-hour lesson will cost about £24.

The rate for a two-hour session will be cheaper, block booking lessons in advance should attract further discounts.

Driving lessons include the costs of fuel and insurance.

How many driving lessons will I need to pass my test?

Young drivers who do pass the test at the first attempt receive between 30 and 40 hours of tuition from an ADI with additional driving practice from family or friends.

A semi-intensive driving course is a quick way of learning to drive but not suitable for everyone because of the intensity of the lessons.

What to consider when booking your driving lessons

Find a driving instructor to suit your needs such as:

  • A choice of male or female instructors
  • Pick-up from work or home
  • Different cars to learn in
  • Help for the theory test


What you learn in your driving lessons

  • Cockpit drill
  • Safety checks
  • Moving away and stopping
  • Signals
  • Your position on the road
  • Mirrors and blind spots
  • Junctions and roundabouts
  • Meeting traffic
  • Speed
  • Emergency Stop
  • Parallel parking
  • Hazard awareness
  • Turning your car
  • Reversing
  • Independent driving
  • Darkness and weather conditions
  • Passengers and loads
  • Security

During your driving lessons, you will learn the driving theory that you need for your theory test.

Find a driving instructor online

Find an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) near you.

What to do if you have a problem with your driving instructor!

Find a driving instructor you feel calm and relaxed with if you are not happy with the service or the attitude of the driving instructor don’t be afraid to tell them and find another instructor.

If you feel it necessary, you can report the driving instructor to the DVSA

ADI Code

When booking your driving lessons make sure you choose an Advanced Driving Instructor, they know best how to prepare you for the driving test, and you should learn sooner.

Most Approved Driving Instructors follow the voluntary ADI Code of Practice which includes personal conduct, business dealings, and conciliation. Find a driving instructor signed up to the code.

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