How Much Does it Cost to Learn to Drive UK? What is the Average Cost of Driving Lessons UK?

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How much does it cost to learn to drive?

The cost of learning to drive concerns many learner drivers, as most are young, with many still in their teens and on low incomes.

With the current high inflation and hikes in interest rates not seen in the UK for decades, the cost of driving lessons has risen considerably, putting even more strain on the learner driver.

To assist you with your budgeting, we have compiled a list of approximate costs so you can understand how much it might cost to learn to drive.

What does the cost of learning to drive include?

Driving lessons with your instructor, the cost associated with driving practice between lessons and the statutory items of a provisional licence, theory and practical test fees.

How much do driving lessons cost?

The total cost of driving lessons can vary greatly depending on where you live in the UK and if you go with an independent or one of the large driving schools. Of course, the amount you spend on lessons will also depend on how many hours you need in the car with an instructor. PS Many young drivers are now looking to learn to drive in an automatic car. The cost of driving lessons between automatic and manual can be vast.

What is the cost of driving lessons with the large driving schools?

The cost of learning to drive with one of the well-known franchise driving schools, such as The AA, is, on average, £ 36 for a one-hour driving lesson in the Greater Manchester area. And it could reach up to £45 per lesson if you live in West Sussex. These prices are in June 2023. Savings up to 10% can be made by having two-hour driving sessions instead and block booking lessons in advance. These branded driving schools, although more expensive than the independent instructors, can offer extra services such as theory test support or even getting to choose which car you drive.

How much do the independent instructors charge?

Alternatively, the prices of one-hour driving lessons with independent instructors are lower than the large driving schools. As a guide, we compared numerous independent instructors in West Sussex with the average cost of driving lessons around £38. A similar comparison in Greater Manchester indicated an average price of £32. However, establishing an average driving lesson cost with independent instructors is not as easy as with large driving schools.

WHAT IS the average cost of driving lessons?

Calculating the average cost of a driving lesson has so many factors to consider. These factors include independent or driving school instructors, regional pricing, one-hour or two-hour lessons, single or block bookings, a manual or automatic car, and there are more.

We have taken the average price from the top websites that offer one to come up with an average cost of driving lessons UK. The average cost for a one-hour driving lesson is £34 x 45 hours (minimum recommended to pass at first attempt) equals.

Cost of driving lessons is £1538.

Infographic – cost of learning to drive

How much does it cost to learn to drive in the UK

Cost for a Provisional licence, Theory test and Practical test

There are several statutory fees to pay:

  • Provisional licence Your cost of learning to drive journey starts with purchasing a provisional licence with a price of £34 to apply online or £43 if you apply by post. We use the online cost for our total because that is the cheapest and most popular.
  • Theory test You can take your theory test once you have a provisional licence. You need to pay £23 to book your theory test.
  • Practical driving test Once you pass the theory, you can purchase your practical driving test. The charge is £62 for taking the tests on a weekday and £75 at weekends. We use the weekday price in our calculation for the cost of learning to drive.

Cost of these fees: £119.

Theory test revision

Theory test revision can be a combination of DVSA or other brand of study material including on line Apps.

Cost is variable we allow £40.

How much does Learner Driver Insurance cost?

When you take driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor, your fee includes the cost of your insurance. However, if you want to go out on the road with a family member or friend, you must have driver insurance. There are two ways to do this:

  • You could ask the car owner to add you as an additional driver to their existing insurance policy. Bear in mind that this puts them at risk of losing their No Claims Bonus should you get into trouble.
  • Another option is to take out Learner Driver Insurance. An insurance policy in your name allows you to drive someone else’s car with fully comp cover. It also means that the owner’s No Claims Bonus isn’t affected if you were to have an accident.

According to MoneySupermarket, you should expect to pay around 125 for a month’s cover, subject to your age, location and the car you’ll be driving. We will allow for 6 months.

Cost is £750.


Don’t be fooled into paying for your provisional licence through a third party website. There’s no benefit, and they could charge you up to three times the original price. Learning to drive is expensive enough already!

Pre-test lessons and use of the car for the driving test

Most people prior to the test have a one-hour warm-up driving lesson with their instructor before their driving test and then use the instructor’s car for the test. We allow an additional £70 for the lesson and use of the vehicle.

Cost of £70

So, what’s the total?

  • 45 hours of driving lessons with an independent driving instructor (£1530)
  • A one-hour driving lesson before your test, using the test car (£70)
  • Provisional licence and test fees (£119)
  • Theory and practical revision material (£40)
  • Learner driver insurance (£750)
  • Fuel for driving practice (£100)

The average cost of learning to drive is £2,569

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