What is the true cost of learning to drive

Cost of learning to drive

What’s the cost of learning to drive? Passing your driving test will cost about £1559!


What’s the cost of learning to drive?

Young Car Driver calculates the average cost of passing the driving test to be £1559, see how we arrive at this figure.

Provisional licence cost £34
Driving lessons ADI cost £960
Theory test cost £23
Practical test cost £62
Insurance cost (practice with family) £360
Fuel cost (practice with family) £120

Learning to drive costs have been accessed using the current information available from DVLA and DVSA, the people that set the driving test and the standards for driving instructors, to arrive at the real cost of learning to drive.


Provisional licence cost £34 online and £43 by post

The provisional licence will be converted to a full driving licence, free of charge when you pass your driving test.


Driving lessons cost £960

The average cost of one one-hour driving lesson is £24 you may need up to £960 for lessons (insurance and petrol are included).

Nine out of ten young drivers who pass their test first time takes between 30 and 40 hours of lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), our cost allow for 40 hours. (They also have on average 22 hours of driving practice with a family member or friend).

Driving lessons are the biggest cost of learning to drive.


Learner driver insurance cost for supervised driving £360

Learner driver insurance for learning in a car owned by someone else is about £90 a month or £360 over four months.

Learner driver insurance will probably cost less than going on someone else’s policy, but even so, insurance is likely to be the second largest cost of learning to drive.

Driving lessons include your insurance but when you practice in a car belonging to someone else you must either get insured on owner’s policy or take out learner driver insurance.


Fuel cost for learning with family £120

The amount of fuel you use for supervised driving will vary but let’s assume £6 of petrol per one-hour practice session. A total of £120 (for 20 hours) while you’re learning to drive.

Most young drivers who pass at the first attempt also receive about 20 hours of supervised driving practice from a family member or friend.


DVSA official revision products for theory test £30

DVSA publish the official theory test multiple choice and hazard perception products in print, DVD and online.

There is quite a selection of products to choose from, but we have allowed for a budget £30 for this.

You do need to revise! The theory is no walk-over most people fail at the first attempt.


Theory driving test cost £23

You need to pass the theory driving test before you can book your practical driving test.


Practical driving test cost £62

The practical test will cost £62 if taken on a weekday and £75 at a weekend or bank holiday.

When you pass the practical driving test you will be able to take the pass plus course, which should help you get cheaper insurance when you buy your own car.

Who are the DVLA and DVSA?

The DVLA and DVSA both come under the control of the Department of Transport.

Your driving licence fees are set by the DVLA.

The DVSA are responsible for the driving theory and practical tests as well as setting the standards for the driving instructors.

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