Summer driving

Summer driving advice: the high temperatures can cause breakdowns as well as your stress levels to rise. Plan ahead to keep these risks to a minimum.

The summer sun can make it extremely hot in the car

Check the air-con system is working before you travel. Never leave children or pets alone in a car! This is a crucial piece of summer driving advice.


Hot weather can affect your car’s cooling system. Low coolant level, leaking hoses or a broken cooling fan can all cause overheating and expensive damage.

Check your fluid levels

Check all your fluid levels: your oil, transmission, coolant, brake, power steering and windscreen fluids.

Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated

Another important piece of summer driving advice is to check your tyres. Excessive warm weather can cause heat to build up within tyres and makes them much more susceptible to suffering from a rapid deflation.

When packing for a trip, don’t overload your car

Every vehicle has its maximum safe payload capacity (the weight of all passengers and cargo it can safely carry).

Caution near road-construction projects

Summertime is the time for road construction work. Be cautious, obey signs, and beware of pedestrians and work vehicles.

Road resurfacing

Road surfacing is popular in the summer. It involves laying tar covered with loose chippings. These can cause cracked headlights and windscreens as well as chipped paintwork.

Sun glare

Sun glare can cause accidents, especially under clear skies and at dawn and dusk.


It is a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, as these will help block out strong sunlight.

Keep a clean windscreen

A dirty windscreen will catch sunlight and impair vision.

Renew wiper blades

Worn or damaged wiper blades will impair vision.


Summer driving advice for rural areas: pay particular attention to country roads where tractor traffic is very active. When you are following a tractor be certain to leave sufficient distance to stop remember the two-second rule. Make sure you have plenty of room to get past before overtaking.

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