P Plates

P Plates “probationary” are a very effective way of showing other drivers that you have recently passed your test. Find out the P Plate laws below.

P Plates “probationary” are an excellent way of showing other drivers that you have recently passed your test. Find out the P Plate laws


Do I need P Plates for my car?

Only time will gain you the knowledge to become an experienced driver.

In the meantime using the Green P Plates (Pass Plates) will show other drivers that you are new on the road.

When most drivers see P Plates on a car, they will give you a bit more time and consideration such as at roundabouts or junctions.

You can leave the plates on the car for as long as you like.

What are the P Plate laws

Pass Plates are optional. They are not compulsory, and if you don’t want to use them, you don’t have to.

However, displaying the Green Plates can take a lot of grief away from your early driving experience. You are less likely to upset other road users if you make a genuine mistake.

There is no law as to how long a new driver should display P Plates on the car. Use P Plates until you feel confident enough to drive without them.

Can you use P Plates on Motorways?

P Plates can give you extra confidence on your first motorway journey.

P Plates are not compulsory, but you may consider keeping a set of Green Plates in the car for driving on motorways or places you are unfamiliar.

Do they work?

The first two years after passing the driving test are the worst for accidents! Over a thousand young lives are lost each year in the UK, in the future.

Driving with the P plate is a perfect idea for most drivers until they have gained full confidence behind the wheel.

Research shows the mortality rate reduces by nearly half for drivers of just two years’ driving experience.

There is a vastly disproportionate number of young car driver’s killed on our roads, compared to more experienced drivers.

What is Pass Plus?

The DVSA Pass Plus scheme is a confidence builder driving course for new drivers who have just passed the driving test.

The Pass Plus will allow you to learn additional driving skills that you did not experience in your driving lessons.

The course covers the following types of driving:

Learning to drive

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