Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a practical driving course for new drivers learning additional skills and improving road safety.

Pass Plus is a practical driving course for new drivers learning additional skills and improving road safety


What is the Pass Plus scheme?

The DVSA pass course helps new drivers gain more experience and develop anticipation and alertness.

The scheme takes at least 6 hours and has six sections covering the following types of driving:

  • In town
  • In all weathers
  • On rural roads
  • At night
  • On dual carriageways
  • On motorways

Pass Plus certificate The instructor will access your driving, but there is no test to take. You’ll need to drive to the required level to get a certificate.

How do you book pass plus?

You need to book your course with a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor.

Find an approved driving instructor near you.

When you have found an instructor, you can contact DVSA to check they are on the Pass Plus register. You’ll need their name and ADI number.

DVSA team
0115 936 6504

What is the cost of Pass Plus course

Pass Plus costs vary, depending on the amount of time the course takes (a minimum of 6 hours) the hourly lesson rate charged by the driving instructor (average £23 per hour).

Apply for your Pass Plus certificate

When you reach the required standard for all six of the Pass Plus course sections, your instructor will issue you with a training report, Send this to DVSA to get your pass plus certificate.

Pass Plus
Driver and Vehicle Standards `
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

Plus Pass course car insurance discounts

Many insurance providers offer a driver insurance discount.

  • You will need to provide proof by giving your certificate number.
  • Check with the insurer that a discount is available if you passed your driving test over a year ago.
  • The discount offered will vary between insurance providers, not all insurers offer the discount.


Local councils offering a discount off the scheme

You may be able to receive help from your Local Council with paying for the cost of your driving course training.

Your address will need to be within the local authority area to qualify for the discount.

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