Pass Plus Scheme What is a Plus Pass certificate?

What is Pass Plus scheme?

The Pass Plus scheme is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours to complete. The course is designed to allow new drivers to improve their skills, particularly in situations they might not have encountered when learning to drive.

Only DVSA Advanced driving instructors, commonly known as ADI, are used as Pass Plus driving instructors.

The Pass Plus driving course has six modules, each designed to give the new driver the experience of driving:

  • In the town/city centre
  • In all weathers
  • On rural roads
  • At night
  • On dual carriageways
  • On motorways

The Pass Plus Practical course covers all six modules; most of your time is behind the wheel. However, some parts of the course may be theory-based depending on local conditions. For example, finding a day with snow to practice driving in may be challenging in August!

Is there a Pass Plus test at the end of the course?

No. There isn’t a test at the end of the Pass Plus course. Your Pass Plus driving instructor assesses you throughout the scheme and will complete a training report form. You must reach the required standard in each of the six modules to pass.

Who can take the Pass Plus scheme?

Anyone who has passed their practical driving test can take Pass Plus, which is most beneficial to newly qualified drivers.

How much does Pass Plus cost?

The total cost can vary depending on how long you take to pass; however, it will be a minimum of six hours.

It can also depend on the price per hour the driving instructor charges you – the current average is around £25 an hour. So, a total of about £150.

How can I book a Pass Plus scheme?

To take a Pass Plus Course, you must find an instructor registered as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The DVSA has a list of all Approved Driving Instructors online.

Not all ADIs offer the Pass Plus Course, so you’ll need to check with them directly or contact the DVSA to find out, citing their name and ADI number.

You can contact the DVSA team on 0115 936 6504.

Click here for more tips on choosing a driving instructor.

Pass Plus scheme can improve your confidence

You may have passed your test, but that doesn’t make you an expert.

Pass Plus will help fill the gaps where you lack experience, like driving on motorways, at night and in bad weather conditions.

The Pass Plus Course can help build your confidence and better prepare you for an independent life on the road.

The Pass Plus Course is for drivers who have just passed their test. It will let you practice in various driving conditions and situations you wouldn’t have covered in your driving lessons.

As a driver, you’ll be able to progress your skills quicker and help you become much more comfortable on the road. What’s more, if you’ve passed the Pass Plus Course, you’ll likely get a better car insurance deal.

Alternatively, nothing stops you from taking driving lessons from your old driving instructor. A couple of extra hours with them will let you practice a specific manoeuvre you’re struggling with and get a few final bits of guidance.

How to get your Pass Plus Certificate

When you reach the required standard for all six of the Pass Plus course sections, your instructor will issue you with a training report.

You’ll need to send this off to the DVSA yourself to get your hands on the certificate.

The address is:
DVSA Pass Plus team
Telephone: 0115 936 6504
Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm

Get a discount on your car insurance with Plus Pass

A few of the larger insurers may offer a discount to drivers that have passed the Pass Plus Course but unfortunately, this saving has become less available in recent years.

Just remember:

  • You will need to provide your certificate number.
  • You might not be able to get a discount if you passed your test over a year ago.
  • The size of the discount can vary between providers, so shop around!

Get a discount through your local council

Your local council may offer you some money off the cost of your Pass Plus Course to promote safe driving in the area. Your address will need to be within the local authority to qualify for the discount.

Only a few councils offer this perks at the moment, but hopefully, more will follow suit. Find out if you’re one of the lucky ones, here.