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What is an intensive driving course?

Taking a driving crash course with an intensive driving school offer you a range of driving test plans designed for people who are looking to pass the test fast.

The intensive driving course takes place over a week requiring you to learn a lot of information very quickly.

  • Intensive one-week learner driver courses are residentially based.
  • Up to 6 hours of lessons a day.
  • The theory test you must have already passed.
  • The practical driving test comes directly at the end of the course.

Intensive driving course! Is it right for you?

The Plus of taking an intensive driving course you could get your full licence quicker than with weekly driving lessons.


  • You won’t get the experience of varied driving conditions and night driving that you could with longer learning time.
  • The less time the driving course is taken over, the more intense and stressful your “learning curve” will be. Are you able to cope with the pressure?

Semi-intensive driving lessons

A semi-intensive course gives you more time and is less intensive than the one week option:

  • Lessons last between two and ten weeks.
  • About 30 hours of driving lessons.
  • You need to have already passed the theory test.

Semi-intensive is the more relaxing option

If you need to learn to drive in a hurry, taking more time with a semi-intensive course could be a more relaxing option.

Learning to drive over a few weeks is less stressful, and you will gain the experience of driving in varying road conditions.

  • Book the driving test as soon as you pass the theory because the practical test can take up to six weeks of waiting time.
  • While waiting for your test, you could book a semi-intensive course and discuss with the driving instructor a time span to suit your needs.

Booking an intensive driving course

Find an Approved Driving School

Only the larger driving schools will offer residential courses.