V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (Logbook)

V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (Logbook)! Don't buy a car if the Seller can’t show you the V5C

How to get a replacement V5C certificate

If your original V5C logbook has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or if you haven’t received the V5C for your new vehicle. You can apply for a new V5C.

V5C check – if you sell or buy a car

What is the DVLA V5C logbook?

Every car sold in the UK gets a unique V5C registration Certificate (logbook) issued by the DVLA.

The V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (logbook) will contain details of the car and the registered keeper of the vehicle.

All the main car details are on the V5C (logbook) including

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Date of first registration
  • Manufacturer and Model
  • VIN Vehicle Identification Number
  • Body details including colour
  • Engine Specification
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • The Registered Keeper

Who is the Registered keeper?

The Registered Keeper of a vehicle is the term used by the DVLA for the person named in the V5C logbook. And not necessarily the Legal Owner, for instance, if the car is on HP Hire Purchase or a Lease.

Buying a car and the V5C

You and the Seller are both required to inform DVLA of the change of ownership of a vehicle.

  • The Seller completes the New Keeper Part of the registration certificate, with both parties signing before sending to DVLA.
  • The Seller gives you the Green V5C/2 Part.

Don’t forget to check the details are correct on your new V5C registration certificate (log book) when it arrives.

Never buy a car without seeing the V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate

The V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate is not proof of Ownership.

Check that the seller is the person named on the V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate. If they are not, don’t buy the car without being able to confirm, they are authorised to sell the car.

If the vehicle was stolen or had outstanding finance, you could end up having to return the car to the correct owner.

You can’t get road tax on a car without a V5C certificate.

Do the details on the V5C Registration Certificate match the car?

  • Is the person selling the car shown as the registered keeper? Ask for another form of ID to be sure. You should be viewing the car at the address displayed on the V5C.
  • Check the VIN plate (vehicle identification number) matches the V5C.
  • Check the VIN etched on the window, matches the V5C.
  • Check the Engine Number matches the V5C.
  • Check the Colour of the car matches the V5C.
  • Check the Number Plate matches the V5C.
  • Check the V5C has a Watermark.

Reasons why the V5C is, amended

Apart from when selling the vehicle, DVLA will reissue a new V5C when the car is:

  • Exported
  • Scrapped
  • Modification; a new engine, chassis or a change affecting the taxation class

Is the V5C a forgery? Check it out

The V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate should have a serial number on the top right-hand corner of the certificate and a DVLA watermark.

Be careful to check for signs the V5C has not been tampered with, and that there are not any missing parts.

When you tax your car

You won’t be able to get Vehicle tax without the V5C vehicle registration certificate.

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