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The Car Insurance Guide for the Young Driver. Everything you need to know to make the best decision when looking for car insurance.

Types of car insurance

Car Insurance – what a maze of information you need to digest. Choosing the right insurance product and ensuring you understand any restrictions imposed by the Insurance provider is critical. One thing out of place and your policy may be deemed invalid.  These sections on Young Car Driver are written to provide you a simple interpretation of the standard insurance policy types. Read on, its important!


Comprehensive car insurance

comprehensive car insurance

Fully comp is the most popular insurance for young drivers...

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Telematics car insurance for young drivers

car insurance for learners

Black box insurance priced on the way YOU drive - not others...

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Learner driver insurance

learner driver insurance for young drivers

Learner insurance for practicing with family or friends... ...

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Before you get a Quote!

Understanding your no claims bonus (NCB) and how to get the best deal can save you hundreds of pounds. This section delves into the quote  – something you really need to understand thoroughly.


How to answer the insurance quote questions

calculate car insurance

How the insurer will work out the cost of your insurance ...

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How to get the best car insurance deal

drive school uk

Tips on how to reduce the cost of your car insurance ...

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What is a no claims bonus (NCB)?

no claim bonus

NCB is the most effective way of reducing your insurance cost...

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Car insurance jargon guide


Our jargon buster will simply the insurance slang...

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Car Insurance Groups

car insurance groups for young drivers

A car in a low insurance group will cost less to insure...

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In an Accident!

OK, you have been involved in an accident. Don’t worry, its not the end of the world. This section shows you what to do if this happens to you – who you need to call. Don’t panic, its what your insurance policy is for.


What to do immediately after a car accident

what to do after an accident

Do you know what to do at a car accident?...

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How to make a claim on your car insurance

car insurance for learners

Tips on how best to make a claim on your insurance...

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Top FAQs

What is Learner Driver Insurance?

Learner insurance allows you to practice driving in a friend’s or family car between driving lessons. Learner insurance is comprehensive cover: taken out in the name of the learner driver. In the event of a claim the car owners NCB is not affected. Read more about Learner Driver Insurance in our Insurance Hub.   ... 

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What is an Insurance Excess?

An excess is the amount payable by the policyholder in the event of making an insurance claim. Most policies will have a compulsory excess and a voluntary excess. The more voluntary excess you pay, the lower the premium, as you will be liable for smaller claims, not the insurance company. You can find out more ... 

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Has my car has been modified?

Insurance companies will always ask if your car has been modified. Any changes from the factory standard must be declared to your insurer or your cover may be invalid. Any changes to factory standard such as bodywork, wheels, engine, alarm system or audio system are deemed modifications.  ... 

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What is telematics insurance?

Telematics car insurance is a device (black box) that is fitted to your car by your insurance company. This allows them to monitor your driving style and base your insurance premium around your motoring behaviour. It may also be programmed to restrict use of your car between certain hours of the day – similar to a ... 

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Young Driver car insurance Guide

Young driver insurance – Young people pay a high premium on their car insurance this is because they are far more likely to be involved in a road accident when compared to other driver groups. Find out here the best ways to reduce insurance costs for young drivers.

Types of car insurance – There are two main types of insurance available to young drivers, they are Comprehensive car insurance and Black Box/Telematics driver insurance. Other kinds of insurance such as “Third Party” and “Third Party Fire and Theft” are not favoured, for young drivers, by the Insurance Companies.

Telematics car insuranceCar insurance for young car drivers, a Black Box is fitted in the car and monitors the way you drive, drive safely, and your reward cheaper insurance premiums. (Also called Smart box, and GPS car insurance.)

Top tips for lower car insurance – Despite the high cost of insurance for young drivers there are some basic things you can do, such as taking a more significant “Excess” to reduce the cost of your driver insurance.

What do insurance companies look for? – These are the main things that the insurer will consider when working out your insurance cost. When you apply for the insurance, how you answer the questions will establish how much you will have to pay.

No Claims Bonus – Nothing will reduce the cost of your car insurance more than your No Claims Bonus, if you drive without an accident for the first year you will receive a 30% discount, after 5 years this could reach 70% reduction in your driver insurance premiums.

How to make an insurance claim – What should you do if you are involved in a car accident? Find out how to proceed if you need to claim on your car insurance policy.