Do I need a Full Driving Licence for Car Finance?

Does a Full Driving Licence make applying for Car Finance easier?

Applying for car finance is straightforward when you have a  full driving licence, as it also acts as your form of photo identity. You’ll need to upload a picture of your licence when requested. Ensure your address is up to date and your portrait still looks like you. Sometimes the lender may require an additional picture of you posing with your form of ID to verify you are the person in the photo.

Optional ID
If you cannot provide your licence, that is OK. Lenders can accept your passport as your ID; however, they’ll need to request a DVLA mandate to confirm your licence status.

Can I get Car Finance without a driving licence?

There could be many reasons you might want to purchase a car on finance despite not having a full driving licence. But can you buy a car on finance without a licence?

Applying for car finance without a full licence can be challenging because few lenders accept applications without a driving licence. You’ll likely pay a hefty APR if you find a lender that offers no licence car finance.

Can I get Car Finance with a provisional licence?

Most lenders do not offer car finance with a provisional licence. However, a few car finance providers accept provisional licence applications.