Driving while wearing Google Glasses

Cecilia Abadie  from San Diego, US was found not guilty of driving whilst wearing a pair of Google Glasses as officers could not provide proof beyond reasonable doubt that the device was being used.

Commissioner John Blair ruled that Cecilia was not guilty because she had cited under a code that requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the device was in operation. The arresting officer could not provide this.

Mr Blair did however find that the language of the code specifically bars the operation of a video or TV screen on the front of the vehicle  while it is moving – something that is broad enough to cover Google Glasses.

The arresting Officer, Keith Odle was told twice, in court to turn his mobile off after it rang twice, interrupting proceedings.

Google Glasses are lightweight framed and are equipped with a hidden camera and a tiny display that responds to voice commands. They can be used to check emails, get driving directions and learn about something the wearer is looking at.

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