Car brakes service

Your brakes are the single most important safety feature of your car – you must pay attention to their condition

Your brakes are the most critical safety feature of your car – you must pay attention to their condition

When you brake

When you are decelerating your vehicle – the load is transferred to the front wheels – therefore it is the front brakes that will always be doing most of the work to slow you down.

Most cars have disc brakes – some have both

Most new cars have disc brakes on all four wheels – but some do still have drum brakes at the back with disc brakes up front.

On a disc-brake, a set of heat-resistant pads grip the spinning brake rotor when you push the brake pedal – using friction to slow the wheel down and ultimately bring the car to a stop.

Drum brakes work on the same principle as disc brakes – shoes press against a spinning surface – this is called the drum.

Servicing disc brakes

The disc brake pads will gradually wear and become too thin – reducing their ability to slow the car down. 

Brake pads will last some drivers as much as 70,000 miles while other drivers will only get 25,000 miles driving – it depends on the type of car and your style of driving.

If the pads have been allowed to wear badly and you can hear a scraping sound – then it is probably too late to replace the pads – you may have damaged the disc itself.

If the disc needs replacing this will cost a lot more than just putting on new pads – Have regular servicing and change the pads when required – this will avoid unnecessary additional costs.

Servicing drum brakes

Drum brakes – are harder to service than disc brakes – they have more parts – but they do cost less.

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