How to get the best car insurance deal

Car insurance is expensive; you need to push down the cost of your premium so here are our top 12 ways to help you get the best car insurance deal

Car insurance is expensive; you need to push down the cost of your premium so here are our top 12 ways to help you get the best car insurance deal




1. Drive a car in a Low Car Insurance Group

Choosing to drive a model and make of car in a Lower insurance group is the easiest way to reduce your car insurance.

Every car, driven in the UK is given an insurance group number from 1 to 50 depending on price, style and performance.


2. Pick your level of cover

Unless you think you can you afford to replace your car if it was a write off in an accident then Fully Comprehensive insurance cover is best for you.

Are you driving an old car that’a not worth much? Third Party cover might be suitable.

Always check the price of both options you’d be surprised how often Fully Comp is the cheapest.


3. Protect your NCB

Don’t forget to keep evidence of any No Claims Bonus and make sure you can carry it over when changing insurers.

You can pay your insurer an additional premium to protect your NCB check to see if the extra costs will make it worthwhile.


4. Voluntary excess should reduce the premium

All insurance policies have a compulsory excess the amount you have to pay towards any claim before the insurance kicks in.

You can add a “Voluntary” Excess to the insurance policy, and this can significantly reduce the amount of your insurance premium.

Before deciding any Voluntary excess, be sure you’d be able to afford to pay in the event of an accident that is your fault.


5. Make your car more secure

The safer the car, the lower the risk:

  • If your vehicle has an immobiliser or alarm, this can help lower your insurance premium.
  • Park your car somewhere safe overnight such as a garage or driveway insurers prefer you to park off the road.


6. Safe driving will lower the cost

Insurers like low-risk drivers and will reward them with lower insurance premiums, prove you are a safe driver:

  • Take a Pass Plus or an advanced driving course.
  • Avoid penalty points on your licence.
  • An insurance claim will affect your NCB and push up the cost of your insurance.
  • If you take out telematics (black box) insurance policy which will assess your driving, this can lead to a lower premium.


7. Don’t modify your car!

Many young drivers like to modify their car’s for performance and appearance it looks good and may even increase the car’s value.

But insurers don’t like non-factory add-ons such as alloy wheels and body kits and are likely to penalise you with a higher premium.


8. Pass Plus course

The Pass Plus is a driving scheme run by DVLA providing about six hours of tuition after passing the driving test.

The Pass Plus driving course will give you experience with things you have not encountered in your driving lessons, such as driving on motorways and driving at night.

Many insurers will offer lower car insurance to new drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course.


9. Be accurate about your mileage

Be precise when giving your annual mileage, it’s true the lower the distance you drive, the less your insurance premium.

Be careful not to underestimate the miles you drive, in extreme circumstances; this could affect a claim.


10. Add an experienced driver to your car insurance policy

Adding an experienced named driver to your insurance is another way to lower your car insurance.

However, beware of “Fronting” – a term used by the insurance companies to describe when somebody claims to be the Main driver on a car insurance policy when they are not.


11. Request a discount

When you are shopping around, go back to your current insurer and ask them to beat your best quote.

There is no harm in asking the insurer for a small discount, and they might “say no”, but you may be surprised.


12. Insurers offering breakdown cover

Sometimes insurers provide car breakdown cover with the policy. You may find this is not the best price and level of Cover available.

Check out the breakdown services they should give you a better deal.

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