learner driver insurance for young driversPractice in a friend’s car without risking their NCB

Learner driver insurance

Learner Driver Insurance for young drivers allows you to practice in a friend’s or family car without risking the owners No Claims Bonus

Learner driver insurance allows you to practice between lessons

Learner insurance allows you to practice driving in a friend’s or family car between driving lessons.

Learner insurance is comprehensive cover:

  • taken out in the name of the learner driver.
  • In the event of a claim the car owners NCB is not affected.

Learning driver Car Insurance

Driving practice improves your chance of passing the driving test

Ninty percent of young drivers who pass their test first time have driving practice in a family or friend’s car in addition to driving lessons.

What cars can be driven with learner driver insurance

With most learner driver insurance policies, the car:

  • Must have primary insurance in the owner’s name.
  • Be limited to a value of, usually £30,000 and Insurance Group 32.
  • Be no more than 9 years old.

Who can supervise when you’re learning to drive?

The supervising driver must meet the requirements of the learner driver insurance policy.

  • Be a qualified driver and have sufficient experience.
  • The legal age limit to supervise someone driving is 21 years old – But most insurance companies offering learner driver insurance will require this person to be 25 plus.
  • Have held a valid GB – NI or EU driving license for at least three years.


What are the benefits of learner driver insurance

These are the key advantages of taking out learner driver insurance cover:

  • Learner driver insurance cover is usually available for 30, 60 or 90 days and renewable until you pass.
  • Gives you the chance to start building your No Claims Bonus before you have even passed your driving test.
  • The learner driver insurance policy is fully comprehensive this means if there is a claim you will be covered, your fault or not.
  • Most of these provisional driver policies require anyone who is supervising you to be 25 plus and have owned a Full UK license for at least three years.
  • Most learner driver insurance impose restrictions such as a driving time of 6 am to 10 pm, which reduces the cost.

A typical twelve-week policy should cost between £2 and £3 per day (£60 and £90 a month).

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Learner driver document requirements
Every Insurance provider must be FCA Registered
Third party insurance is the legal minimum requirement

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