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UK Provisional driving Licence

The new online Drivers Record  replaces the abolished Green paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. Why has the new online Drivers Record been introduced? The old paper counterpart of the photocard driving licence became dated and costly to process. Around half-a-million drivers lost the green counterpart each year and paid £20 for a replacement. ... 

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reasons for a car breakdown

Why get breakdown cover? Are you worried about being left stranded by the roadside after a car breakdown? Here is the Young Car Driver guide to the merits of getting breakdown cover. Why do you need breakdown cover? Motoring gets more and more expensive, so it’s not unreasonable for us to try and cut the ... 

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Weird Driving Offences

Some driving offences are shocking. Some however will leave you opened mouthed with wonder! See below for some examples of the weird and wonderful! Blind Driving 31 year old Iraqi, Omed Aziz was pulled over by police who after following him for 1 kilometer, realised he was blind, once the sunglasses came off! Omed lost ... 

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