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Can I really get a car finance with free insurance deal as a young driver?

Cars finance with free insurance deals sound like a dream come true, right?

Unfortunately, once you take a closer look, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Arguably for most young drivers, a far more sensible option is to take out traditional HP or PCP car finance on a high quality used car and source your own insurance.

Is new car finance with insurance included good value for young drivers?

The main attraction of car finance with insurance deals is that you don’t have to worry about paying for insurance – which can be incredibly expensive for a young driver. However, to say that these deals really offer free car insurance is slightly misleading.

While it might look like a brand new car on finance with free insurance, you will be paying that price somewhere – usually on the car!


For example

18-year-old Tommy decides to buy a new car with so-called free insurance.

He sees the following deal for a Peugeot 108 :

Tommy has £900 to put down as a deposit. After this, the total price is £400 per month. It sounds a lot, but this covers his insurance, warranty, tax, and service for 3 years.

(It’s worth noting that many deals only cover insurance for 1 year!)


Is this worth the price? Let’s find out

Taking out a PCP on the same car would cost Tommy around £185 per month. Tommy then does his homework and gets a quote for the cheapest insurance. By adding a parent as a named driver, he can reach a premium of £1300 per year – or £108 per month.

That brings his total for a brand new car up to £293 per month.

For the ‘new car finance with free insurance’ deal to make sense over a yearly period, he would need to spend around £1284 on servicing and road tax this doesn’t make sense: the road tax on his 108 is free, and he doesn’t need to MOT the car for 3 years as it’s new.

The average service will set you back £100-150 per year – leaving Tommy with savings of over £1000.

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When can a free car insurance deal work out favourably for a young driver?

Although these new cars with insurance deals are not usually the best financial option for a young driver. If you are determined to get a new car, money isn’t an issue, and you just want to get on the road as soon as possible, then these deals might be worthwhile.

However, be aware that you are paying for convenience. If you were to search elsewhere, you could save money.

These deals might also be useful to young drivers who are only offered black box insurance deals anyway, and their premiums are sky-high as-is. However, remember that you still need to be vetted when applying for a car with insurance deal like Just Add Fuel.

It’s not merely paying up and getting the insurance – you could very well not be accepted or even charged a higher premium.

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What age can I qualify for a car with insurance included deal?

Under 21! You are unlikely to meet the credit requirements needed for PCP finance. Someone with good credit such as a parent would probably need to cosign the contract and be responsible for making repayments.

At 21 plus your chances of getting accepted for one of these cars with a free insurance deal start to improve, a good credit score will be crucial.

As well as being vetted for the finance, you will need to apply for the included insurance.

Unfortunately, each insurance company has different eligibility conditions, and with these deals, you’re stuck with the one company – you can’t pick your own.

Also, insurance acceptance is entirely dependent on your postcode, job and driving record. You might end up being declined on the insurance part of the deal and need to go elsewhere – making the deal rapidly lose its appeal!

Arguably, for the best value, it’s much easier to finance a nearly new car, saving yourself thousands of pounds on the list price. Sourcing the best insurance for the car separately means you’re not tied to a specific provider.

When you finance on your own, you’ll likely want to choose between an HP and PCP deal.

Do I need to have a black box fitted to the car?

If you decide to go for a new car with a free insurance deal, then you will almost certainly have to have a black box fitted to the car.

A black box is a form of telematics that tracks how safely you drive. It does have it’s positives, and can encourage young drivers to make smarter decisions while driving. It also makes your insurance much cheaper.

Understandably though, many freedom-hungry young drivers don’t want a black box on their car. If searching for your own insurance deals, you’ll be able to find providers that don’t require a black box. The premium will be higher, but you at least have the option.

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What type of finance is used for cars with free insurance deals?

When you think about a new car finance and insurance deal for first-time drivers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these free insurance finance deals are different from the usual car finance options. The truth is that these new cars with free insurance are just PCP deals!

With PCP there’s a deposit, monthly payments, and agreed value for the car. You hand it back after your contract is up unless you want to pay a couple of thousand pounds to keep it – which is rarely worth it.

With so-called free insurance, the ‘cheaper monthly payment’ aspect of the PCP disappears, as your monthly fee will be quite high.

If you’re set on a PCP, it might be worth taking the deal out on a car and you sourcing your insurance.

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Can I buy a used car on finance with insurance included?

Yes – companies like Stoneacre offer an ‘All-Inclusive’ service, which is a pay-monthly motoring package that’s offered on both new and used cars and offers a wide range of cars for first-time drivers with free insurance. It includes one year of insurance, three years servicing, three years road tax, three years’ guarantee’, and three years roadside cover.

As it’s with a used car, your finance payments will be lower, and servicing will become more important and possibly more expensive. However, for most, this deal probably isn’t worth it.

It’s worth noting that insurance only lasts one year, so you will have to add a monthly insurance bill onto your remaining contract!

Arguably, a far more sensible option is to take out a traditional Hire Purchase on a high-quality used car and source your own insurance. If you go with an all-inclusive deal, you’re paying considerably more money just for servicing, road tax, and breakdown cover (after the first year).

With the average servicing costing around £100, road tax costing as little as £0 on many cars, and breakdown cover from just a couple of quid, the cost difference does not favour the young driver.

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Is road tax usually included?

Road tax is often cited as being included. However, for many newer cars, the road tax is extremely cheap, if not free!

For the inexperienced Young Driver, it’s worth remembering that road tax is not remotely as stressful as finding an insurance deal. You simply have to log-in online, insert your registration number, and pay. You can also finance road tax over 12 months.

Free road tax is not a particularly enticing part of the deal.

Do you get MOT and servicing included?

You will often see free MOT and services advertised on these free car insurance finance deals. Again, this isn’t as helpful as it looks.

If you’re taking out a deal on a new car, you don’t need to take it for an MOT test for three years anyway! As most deals fall around this time frame, this is a bit misleading – the MOT test is only free because you don’t need to take one.

Servicing is a little different. Young Car Driver recommends that you service your car exactly as your manual states, which is usually about once a year (or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first).

The average cost of this service is around £100. If you’re a young driver financing a new car, it’s doubtful you will need any serious work during this time. As such, the free insurance car deal will only be saving you a few hundred over the contract term.

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What are the most popular deals for new cars with free insurance?

You can get a new car and insurance deal directly from some car manufacturers or a credit and insurance broker. Here’s an example of both:

Peugeot Just Add Fuel:

This deal comes with three years of insurance, car tax, warranty, roadside assistance, and routine servicing.


Imagine you’re looking for cars with free insurance for 18-year-olds. They put down a £1000 deposit and ticket the lowest annual mileage option – 6667. The cheapest possible deal on a Peugeot car is £397.56pm. It’s worth noting that this will depend based on your postcode.

Peugeot’s scheme requires drivers who are aged between 18-20 or who don’t have two years of no-claims bonus to use black box telematics.


Marmalade ‘Add Fuel and Go’

This offer doesn’t come straight from a manufacturer but still features new cars and is designed to be affordable finance cars with insurance for first-time drivers.

Most cars come with 1-year free insurance. However, this means that you will need to insure the car separately for the rest of your contract. You’ll have to contact Marmalade to get a direct quote.

It’s worth noting that you might not even get accepted for Marmalade insurance. If you do, it will come with black box telematics.

In the vast majority of cases, you can save money by finding a cheap insurance deal. In reality, the ‘free insurance’ is just added to your monthly payments!

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Pros and Cons of cars with free insurance deals


Convenient, as it’s a straightforward payment to cover all of your driving needs (except fuel).

Usually comes with a brand new car, so you have the latest safety tech and gadgets.

Can be worth it for those that are already facing extortionate insurance fees.


Considerably more expensive than sourcing insurance separately.

Insurance deals are often only offered for part of the contract.

It is usually tied to black-box telematic insurance.

FAQ's for buying a car on finance with insurance

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Representative example: borrowing £6,500 over 5 years with a representative APR of 19.9%, an annual interest rate of 19.9% (Fixed), and a deposit of £0.00, the amount payable would be £166.07 per month, with a total cost of credit of £3,464.37 and a total amount payable of £9,964.37.

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