Women driving alone

Women driving alone

Follow our top 12 tips to protect yourself from any potential harm or difficulties you may face as a woman driver.

More young women than young men now take the driving test

Over the past twenty years the number of young women taking their driving test has increased so much that today the majority of young people taking their driving test are in fact female.

The lifestyles and job opportunities of young women has changed significantly in recent years and as a consequence more young women are now driving alone and travelling greater distances than ever before.

Yes! Of course it’s safe for women driving alone

Although the risk to women driving alone is greatly exaggerated, you should still take safety measures to protect yourself from any difficulties you may encounter.

1. The golden rule – never run out of fuel

No driver wants to be stranded on their own at the roadside waiting to be rescued, so make sure you keep your petrol tank topped up to avoid running out.

2. Keep your car serviced and in good running order

A well serviced car is less likely to breakdown which could leave you vulnerable, get any problems fixed sooner rather than later.

3. Breakdown cover is a great investment

Breakdown cover is a great investment that will give you peace of mind and security, even if you don’t use it. Sign up to a trusted breakdown service like the AA or RAC; they both use their own branded vehicles and will always give priority to women driving alone.

4. Hitch-hikers

Never ever give lifts to strangers.

5. Get your keys ready

Have your keys ready as you approach your parked car.

  • Don’t wait until you reach the car to search for the keys but do avoid using the remote unlocking until you have reached your car.
  • Before getting into your car, just have a glance inside to check all is well. (No body hiding inside.)
  • Lock the doors as soon as you are safely in.

6. If you feel threatened

Lock yourself in, turn on hazard lights and sound the horn.

7. Parking

Park your car in an area where it is surrounded by other vehicles. Avoid parking in places such as a deserted backstreet which will make both you and your car more vulnerable.

8. Keep your doors locked

Lock all doors and boot also keep windows shut while you drive.

9. Keep valuables out of sight

Don’t leave valuables on the passenger seat. It only takes a thief a few seconds while you are stationary at a red light, for instance, to open the passenger door and steal your bag, tablet or mobile phone.

10. When asking for directions

If you need to stop for directions or to check your car, try to keep going until you find somewhere you feel safe and is well lit, like a garage or fast food restaurant.

11. Keep your mobile phone well charged

Always take a mobile phone, especially on longer journeys, keep it charged, keeping an in-car mobile charger is a great idea. If you do breakdown, or get lost, you need to know that you can summon help as quickly as possible from a trusted source, such as your breakdown recovery service or friends.

12. Emergency kit

You never know when you might breakdown, or be stranded, so keep some essentials in the car including a coat, sensible shoes, blanket, torch, some spare money, maybe an old fashioned map (mobiles and sat-nav batteries may fail) and of course some chocolate.

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