What Proof of Address do you need for Car Finance?

You'll need three years of Address History to apply for Car Finance

Most car finance lenders require borrowers to have been residents in the UK for a minimum of three years before they will offer car finance.

Not being able to get car finance because you’ve recently moved to the UK and cannot provide an address history can be frustrating, especially if you can easily make the repayments. That explains why car finance for non-UK residents does not exist.

What Documents do lenders ask for as Proof of Address?

Lenders require traceability, and it’s a crucial element of car finance. Lenders need to find you if you are no longer repaying the debt – that is why you’ll have to provide three years of proof of address.

Evidence of your address must show the correct address and your full name and can include the following documents:

  • A Utility bill no more than three months old.
  • Tenants may require a current tenancy agreement.
  • A Council Tax bill.

Out-of-date documents will cause delays in the application process. These documents are necessary regardless of your length of residence in the UK or credit score.

Can I Get Car Finance if I've Just Moved to the UK?

How do I apply for car finance with less than three years of address history? On a slightly positive note, a few car finance lenders are willing to consider an application with at least twelve months of address history in the UK.

However, unfortunately, your credit score does not follow you to the UK. Annoying if you have built up an excellent credit report at home. You’ll be starting a new credit history from scratch.