Top 12 safety tips for women drivers

Safety tips for women drivers are more important than ever as the number of female drivers continues to grow

Safety tips for women drivers

Do you feel safe? You should do! The UK has a high safety record for the young woman driving alone.

More young women now take the driving test than their counterparts? When you combine this fact with changes in lifestyles and working opportunities, there are now many more females driving alone, over greater distances and at night time.

Although the risk of something happening to you is small; that is no excuse not to follow safety tips for women drivers

1. Never allow your car to run out of fuel

You don’t want to be alone waiting for help, so make sure you keep the petrol tank topped up to avoid running out.

2. Keep the car serviced and in good running order

A well serviced car is less likely to breakdown which could leave you vulnerable, get any problems fixed sooner rather than later.

3. Breakdown cover is a great investment

Having breakdown cover, is an essential part of driving giving you peace of mind and security. Take out breakdown cover with one of the trusted services such as the RAC they use branded vehicles and always give priority to women driving alone.

4. Hitch-hikers

Never give lifts to strangers.

5. Get your keys ready

  • Find your keys before you reach the car but don’t use the remote until you have reached your car.
  • Before getting into your car, just have a glance inside to check all is well. (Nobody hiding inside.)
  • Lock the doors as soon as you are safely in.

Click here for the the best ways for women drivers to stay safe when driving alone.


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