Unusual Driving Offences

By Gareth Dalton

Some driving offences are shocking. Some however will leave you opened mouthed with wonder! See below for some examples of the weird and wonderful!

Blind Driving
31 year old Iraqi, Omed Aziz was pulled over by police who after following him for 1 kilometer, realised he was blind, once the sunglasses came off!

Omed lost the use of his eyes after being caught in a bomb blast. He had managed to drive through 2 road junctions before being pulled over. Omed defended his actions stating his driving skills ‘did not fall short of a reasonably competent driver’!!

Ashavingly, an American lady was arresting for ‘Driving whilst using a shaver’!

Despite her husband holding the wheel the woman managed to drive into the back of a pickup, because she was touching up her bikini line! Why? She was meeting her boyfriend and wanted to look good??!! Weird!

Embracing whilst driving
A 19 year old in Seattle, USA was pulled over for erratic driving and was found to be drunk, naked and shall we say, enjoying someone from the opposite sex. Once pulled over, officers found the naked man next to the naked woman who was eventually charged with the crime of ‘embracing , while driving’!!

An old favourite! A driver in South East London blamed his accidently driving in the bus lane on a stray UFO. He attempted to escape punishment by saying the extra-terrestrial craft shocked him into straying into the bus lane. After a minute or so deliberating, authorities decided to issue the ticket all the same!