Simple car maintenance (Quick Read)

Your car needs to be loved and looked after, and in return it will look after you and live longer. Be sure to get your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's specification.

Your car needs to be loved and looked after, and in return, it will look after you and live longer. Be sure to get your vehicle serviced by the manufacturer’s specification.


Check your tyres are inflated correctly – this should be by the manufacturer’s handbook, and can do so at your local garage. At least every two weeks is best.

Look for any tyre damage. The tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6 mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three-quarters of the tread, and around the entire tyre circumference.


Your car battery is more likely to fail in the winter than any other time  – Its winter time when a car battery will have extra loads put on it – the additional use of lights morning and night along with heating and de-misters will all take extra drain from the battery.

Ensure the battery connections are – secure – clean and free of corrosion – where any corrosion has built up this will show itself as white furring on the terminals and should be cleaned off – Be careful not to let any corrosion come into contact with your skin.


Check all lights weekly. Don’t forget indicators, brake and fog lights.

Clean all lights regularly. In bad weather, wipe them over with a damp cloth during driving breaks.

Engine oil

Check your car’s oil dipstick level at least every two weeks and before long journeys.

Your oil filter will need changing at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.


Check the coolant/antifreezelevel regularly, but only when the engine is cold.

Check the coolant/antifreeze concentration before the winter?

Antifreeze not only protects the coolant from freezing but also prevents the build-up of corrosion within the cooling system. It is essential all year round.

Wiper blades

Always replace your wiper blades before they become too worn. They do not cost much, and you want the best vision at all times. Replace them at least once a year.

Screen wash

Check your screen wash on a regular basis. You don’t want to run out.


Check your windscreen on a regular basis for damage. Repair a chipped screen ASAP to prolong the life of the screen. You will need to replace a screen if cracked.

Power steering

Checking the power steering fluid will be done as part of the car service, but also check it yourself once a month. Top it up with hydraulic fluid as approved by the manufacturer in the handbook.

Wheel change kit

You may need to change a car tyre, know where the Jack and wheel brace is located and where the jacking points are on the car. Keep the wheel locking nuts in a very safe place.


Check the car’s bodywork from time to time, to identify any issue of corrosion before it sets in.

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