Servicing costs help & advice

The YCD Running a Car Guide will help you with your responsibilities: your car needs health checks (servicing & MOT), road tax and insurance and of course feeding with petrol or diesel!

Motoring costs

Types of car finance for young drivers (Quick Read)

car finance for young drivers

Find out the types of car finance available to you...

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Car tax

The cost of Vehicle Tax depends on the car you drive ...

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Fuel economy

Simple ways to help you economise on your fuel cost...

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Car breakdowns

Breakdown cover is a no-brainer when you consider the cost...

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SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)

Car off road! Get SORN to save on Vehicle tax & insurance...

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Servicing & MOT

Before you apply for car finance! (Quick Read)

before you take out car finance

Do your homework before you apply for car finance...

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Find a car service centre

Check the garage out first - before booking your service...

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MOT test

All cars more than 3 years old must have an MOT test...

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Brakes are the most important safety feature of a car...

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Cam belt

If the cars cam belt breaks - you may need a new engine...

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Simple maintenance

Simple car maintenance

Simple car maintenance checks to be done on a regular basis ...

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Don't drive on worn or damaged tyres - keep them safe and legal...

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How to check a car battery

A flat car battery accounts for 20% of all car breakdowns...

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Engine oil

Check your cars engine oil level on a regular basis...

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Coolant / antifreeze

Keep the antifreeze/coolant for the radiator topped up...

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Running a car efficiently

Young driver insurance – Car insurance can be the largest out lay when running a car, it is not unusual for the insurance to cost young drivers more than they spend on buying a car. Find out why and how you could reduce the cost of your car insurance.

Car Tax – Often referred to as Road Tax or Vehicle Tax is compulsory and payable to the DVLA, these are the same people that also issue the driving licences.
Fuel economy – If you really want to cut your petrol costs then follow these simple fuel economy tips and reduce your car running costs.

Find a car service centre – Always keep your car serviced up to date, apart from the obvious safety issues, your car will be more likely to pass the MOT and have less chance of breaking down. Of course it will also get you a higher price when you decide to sell.

Simple car maintenance – There are some very easy car maintenance checks you can do yourself, no need for a garage! Doing these checks on a regular basis, will, enhance the life of your car, keep you safer and save you money, because your car will be in better condition.

MOT test – Your car will is required by law to have a MOT when it is three years old and every year after. By doing your own simple MOT spot check before the test, you could avoid the car failing the MOT over some simple fault that you could put right.

Tyres – Tyre maintenance is essential; all it takes is a frequent check every so often to ensure your car tyres are safe and legal. Your tyres are so important because they are the only bit of the car actually on the road, if they go wrong so could everything else! Don’t drive on damaged or worn tyres.

Brakes –Brakes along with tyres are probably the most crucial safety feature on your car. Be sure you pay good attention to your car brakes condition.

Car battery – A flat battery is the most likely reason for a breakdown. We tell you what can go wrong and give you tips on how to keep your battery going.

Engine oil – Oil provides lubrication for your car’s engine, we show you how to check the oil level and condition.

Coolant/antifreeze – Water and coolant in the car radiator is what cools your car’s engine. We show you how to check the coolant and keep your car engine protected.

Cambelt – Although not simple maintenance the Cambelt is mentioned here because it’s one of those car parts that when it breaks can cause massive problems. In fact if the cam belt breaks the damage to the car engine would probably be severe enough to make the car a right off.

SORN (Statutory off Road Notification) – Your car must remain insured continuously unless you complete a SORN declaration.

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