Road crashes rise 26% in 20mph zones

Latest figures show that the number of serious accidents within 20mph zones increased significantly last year.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) say their statistics show serious crashes on 20mph roads increased to 420 incidents, a rise of 26%. Accidents that only caused a slight injury rose by 17%.

Peter Rodger, the IAM chief examiner said “if we are going to reduce the speed of traffic it would appear we perhaps need to do more than just put up signposts.

Traffic calming measures will slow the speed of traffic. Once you have done that, it doesn’t matter what the speed limit is because if the road will only allow traffic to travel at 20mph the limit itself becomes academic’.

A local resident called Sally Bevis says the speed humps outside her sons school in Norwich are more than often ignored.

“They all still speed up here. It doesn’t  matter what time of day, people just don’t take any notice of speed limits, to be honest”.

There were 6 deaths in 20mph zones in 2013, down 33% on previous years. There is no clear reason why it has risen other than there are more 20mph zones than before.

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