By : 22 February, 2014 Last updated: 24 March, 2014

Petrol prices at 3 year low

Recent falls in fuels prices means they are at a 3 year low bringing a sense of relief to drivers

Current the average price for unleaded petrol is 129.75p and diesel 137.12p. The last time petrol was below 130.00p per litre was February 2011 – 3 years ago. Diesel was last below 137.20p a litre in July 2012.

The chief of The AA, Edmund King said the price was still too much. “It’s been a long time coming. Sadly, 130p may still not be enough to help poorer motorists” he said.

Howard Cox, of FairFuel UK, said: “We have to continue the fight. The price of fuel is still high, as the Government takes 60 per cent in tax.”


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