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Top 5 car finance options for young drivers

Hire Purchase (HP), leasing a car, all discussed! Which type of motor finance is right for you!

With HP car finance for young drivers, you will own the vehicle at the end of the agreement, but repayments are higher than other kinds of car finance.

PCP often referred to as a car lease gives you the chance to drive a new car and the monthly payments are lower, but you won’t own the motor.

A Guarantor car loan is suitable for young drivers with a bad credit rating providing you find a Guarantor, perhaps a parent, you can get in a car and start to improve your credit history.

With a Personal car loan, you own the motor straight away but you will need to have a good credit score to get this type of car finance.

The Lease + Insurance car finance as it says includes the insurance usually telematics (black box) driver insurance. You get a brand new car on PCP with lower payments and driver insurance.


Provisional driving licence to Pass Plus

What is the fastest way to passing the driving test? We discuss the ways to speed up the process.

Applying for your provisional licence by post or online with the DVLA guidance videos and links.

The theory test! What happens on the day at the test centre? Buy the DVSA learning products, did you know more than half fail the theory first time.

The big day of the practical driving test all the official DVSA Guide videos and links and what to expect on the day!


Car insurance for young drivers

As we know, the cost of car insurance remains perhaps, the most annoying part of driving amongst young drivers.



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