car finance for young drivers

Car finance Guide

This Guide to car finance can help you understand the do’s and don’t s of taking out finance to buy your next car. Knowledge is power when searching for the car loan or lease that suits you best

Car finance explained

Types of car finance for young drivers (Quick Read)

car finance for young drivers

Find out the types of car finance available to you...

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Car Hire Purchase (HP) finance

car hire purchase for young drivers as seen young women in her new car bought on hp

HP finance available even if your credit is not good...

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Personal Contract Purchase deals (PCP) “leasing”

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) car finance, sometime called a lease for young drivers

PCP what people mean when they talk about leasing a car...

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Car lease deals for young drivers

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) car finance, sometime called a lease for young drivers

PCH an alternative to a Personal Car Purchase...

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Guarantor car loans

When you sign up to a guarantor car loan you have a responsibility to both your guarantor and the lendert

Bad credit! Find a Guarantor and till get a car loan...

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Personal car loan

Personal car loans

The car is not secured but you need a good credit history...

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Before you apply for finance

Before you apply for car finance! (Quick Read)

before you take out car finance

Do your homework before you apply for car finance...

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Can I buy a car with a poor credit score?

buying a car with poor credit rating

With poor credit finance, the borrowing will cost more...

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How to apply for a car loan

Apply for a car loan

Learn the Do's & Dont's of getting car finance...

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Credit score for car finance

Credit rating to buy a car

Do you realise how important your credit rating is?...

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Car finance jargon

Finance Jargon Buster

Balloon payments? I want a car, not a party!...

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Get your credit rating

check my credit score

Get your credit rating for free Your credit rating will be the deciding factor in getting a car loan When you as a young driver...

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Cars for young drivers

Cars for young drivers with free insurance Scheme to help young drivers into new cars Cars for young drivers between 17 and 24. Would you...

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Car finance for young drivers

Are you a looking for a Car Loan? Young Car Driver have teamed up with Carfinance247 who offer car loans to young drivers regardless of...

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Car Loans and Finance Guide for Young Drivers

How to apply for a car loan – Prepare a budget before applying for car finance to see how much you are able to afford, there are the monthly repayments on the car loan as well as the entire car running cost to consider. When you do buy a car on finance you are in reality making two purchases, the car, and the loan. Make sure you get a good deal on the price of the car as well as the best APR rate available on the loan.

Credit Rating – Any time you apply for a loan or finance the Lender will check your credit score before making a decision. Find out your credit rating before you apply for a loan.

Car finance options for young drivers – What do all these different loans mean? PCP, HP, PCH, Personal car loan, Guarantor car loan. Find out the best car finance option for you.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – With a PCP Car Loan young drivers can return the keys when the agreement ends and the repayments are less than with HP car finance.

Car Hire Purchase (HP) – At the end of an HP agreement you will own the car, but until then you are not the owner and cannot sell the car without the Lenders permission.

Car Lease Deals (PCH) – With a Young Driver Car Lease you should be able to drive away in a new car because with leasing (or renting) the monthly repayments are less than for other forms of car finance. However you will never own the car and you will have to return it at the end of the car rental agreement.

Personal Car LoanYoung drivers applying for a personal car loan will need a good credit rating because personal loans are unsecured and you will own the car straight away.

Guarantor Car LoanWho can act as Guarantor on your car loan? Everything you need to know about a Guarantor loan! Suitable for young people with a poor credit rating or who have not applied for credit before.

Car Finance Jargon – Do you know your car finance buzz words? What’s a Balloon payment? Do you know what a GMFV is? Be wise and do your homework before applying for a car loan.

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