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car history check
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  • Does the car you are about to buy belong to the seller?
  • 1 in 5 cars we check has had its number plate changed
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Car History Check – why it’s so important!

Understand the car history check report

When you are looking for your next car, do so carefully and take time, do your research to be certain the car is right for you, and then get an HPI car history check before signing on the dotted line.

About HPI

All vehicle history checks are not the same. If you want a car history check carried out by the real experts, always insist on a vehicle data check carried out by HPI and look for the official HPI logo.

HPI play a key role in the UK second-hand car market which is crucial. HPI provides private car buyers, car dealers, finance houses, and the insurance industry with access to information on all UK registered vehicles. Using HPI ensures that vehicles are legal and will really belong to the people who buy them.

As well as confirming whether a vehicle has outstanding car finance, is recorded as stolen, clocked or has previously been written-off, HPI’s used car check also confirms many other details, including the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size. Our data checks that these match the descriptions recorded against the vehicle at the time of manufacture; protecting the interests of the motorist and helping dealers meet their legal obligations. We also have access to the National Mileage Register, the UK’s largest database of mileages, to alert car buyers and dealers to potential mileage discrepancies.

The way forward

Today, most manufacturers include HPI vehicle registration checks as part of their approved used car programmes. And since our online service was launched, 60% of all our vehicle status checks are now processed by HPI on the internet. As the pioneers of used car history checks, HPI will continue to invest in new technology to provide dealers and used car buyers with the most reliable information, and strive to make access to vehicle information even easier.

Car Check from HPI

If you know the car you want to check, buy a single HPI Classic Check for only £19.99

Sources of information

We get information for the car history check from lots of different sources: the Police, DVLA, insurance companies, finance houses, industry bodies and garages.

Just by giving us the registration plate of the car you’re looking at, we can search our databases and pull back information which will tell you if the vehicle is currently recorded as stolen, has been written off by an insurance company, is still on finance, or has a mileage discrepancy.

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Car history check

car history check

Car History Check – why it’s so important! Understand the car history check report When you are looking for your next car, do so carefully...

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