Did you know that if the police find a fault on your car they can offer you VDRS, a.k.a. the Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme? This will give you the opportunity to get your car fixed and avoid getting penalty points on your driving licence

If the police find a fault on your car, they can offer you VDRS Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme? Giving you an opportunity to get your car fixed and avoid penalty points on your licence.

VDRS how does it work?

The Police can prosecute drivers for using a defective vehicle, usually using a Fixed Penalty Charge.

When a defect on the car is only minor such as a broken light lens, a worn tyre, or an illegal number plate, the police can give the offender a VDRS – detailing the fault that needs fixing.

You will then have fourteen days to repair the fault, take the vehicle to an MOT test station to obtain official verification and provide the police with proof of fixing.

Getting a VDRS means no fine or penalty points on your licence a far better prospect than receiving a Fixed Penalty Charge.

Keep your car in roadworthy condition to avoid prosecution

As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that any vehicle you drive is in a roadworthy condition.

The MOT test is only a check of the vehicle’s condition at the time of the test and does not guarantee that the car will remain defect-free and roadworthy until the next MOT.

You must carry out regular safety checks and are expected to make sure that the vehicle you drive is in a safe and roadworthy condition.

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