Driving offences guide

Driving offences


Driving fast can be the difference between life and death...

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Drink driving

Alcohol affects everyone's driving for the worse...

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Drug driving

Police now have the technology to test for drugs roadside ...

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Mobile phones

The crash rate is 4 times more using a mobile while driving!...

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Seat belts

Seat belts

In a crash you're twice as likely to die if not using your seat belt...

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Driving penalties

Penalty charge notices

A PCN will not give you points on your driving licence...

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Fixed Penalty Notices

Getting an FPN means a fine and penalty points on your licence...

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SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)

Car off road! Get SORN to save on Vehicle tax & insurance...

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Police inspecting a vehicle with minor defects may use the Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme, or VDRS.

VDRS - the opportunity to fix your car and avoid prosecution ...

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Driving Offences Guide

Speeding – Young drivers do speed more than other drivers! As a result of excessive speeds, young adults will die or be seriously injured in car crashes at a vastly disproportionate rate than that of other drivers. Young people are quick at learning to control a car, but by definition they lack the driving experience to foresee a situation developing, especially when driving too fast!

Drink driving – There is no doubt that drinking alcohol makes drivers overconfident. After drinking your reactions are a lot slower, and it takes much longer to stop the car – drink driving cause’s accidents. What are the cons of drink driving? Apart from risking the life of yourself and passengers and other road users as well as losing your car and license! Not much!

Drug drivingDrugs and driving can be very confusing to the driver! From a passenger perspective would you want to be given a lift by a slow, erratic, aggressive, paranoid person who feels nausea and who hallucinates?

Mobile phones – 1/5 Young adults text on their mobile while driving. Texting and talking on the mobile is becoming a common conviction and reason for getting points on your license.

Seat beltsYoung drivers are notoriously bad at wearing seat belts – it’s an image thing! Geeky, embarrassing, uncomfortable to wear and it’s only a short drive are the excuses you hear! Did you know? One-third of all road crashes takes place less than a mile from home. FACT: If you wear a seat belt you will reduce the risk of fatal or critical injury by half.

Penalty Charge Notices – Getting a PCN will not mean penalty points on your licence; they are usually issued by Traffic Wardens for parking and other minor traffic offences.

Fixed Penalty Notices – You must avoid getting an FPN if you don’t want points on your license! The Police will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice, on the spot, to drivers committing a range of traffic offenses including speeding, going through a red light, using a mobile while driving and much more.

VDRS –A VDRS issued by the Police when they find a minor fault on your car but they don’t want to give you penalty points on your license. A VDRS is an opportunity for you to get your vehicle repaired and avoid points and a Fine.
SORN – Your car has to be insured continuously unless you apply for a SORN declaration to take it off the road.

Drive in a safe, responsible way and your driving licence will be safe. But commit serious driving offences and you risk having your licence taken from you

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