Car breakdowns

There you are happily driving along with music playing, winter, spring, summer or autumn it doesn’t matter when your car can break down at any time.

Car breakdowns

Top 10 reasons for a car breakdown

reasons for a car breakdown

Get breakdown cover and take some of the stress out of driving ...

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What to do should your car breakdown

if your car breakdown

Breakdowns can be stressful - be prepared - know what to do...

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Winter breakdowns

winter breakdowns

Cars are more likely to breakdown in Winter than any other time ...

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Why do car breakdowns happen?

Is it just bad luck? a puncture! Did you put off the last service to save money?- brakes! Maybe that flood water was too deep and water has gone up the exhaust! A car can break down for many reasons but to reduce the risk make sure your car is roadworthy and get breakdown cover, just in case!

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