Do you drive like your Gran? Take the quiz and find out!

Do you drive like your Gran?

Do you race from place to place? Or do you pootle like a pensioner?


How old do you drive?

Young Car Driver wants to learn how old you act when you’re behind the wheel. Much like brain training apps that tell you how old you “think,” we want to learn how old you “drive.”

Be honest we won’t tell anyone else!

To discover your driving age and learn whether you drive like your Gran, just answer the questions below. Your responses are completely anonymous, so please be honest!

Other info

We may use stats from this quiz in a future round-up on our website, but your answers will only ever be grouped together with those from other participants to give a snapshot of modern driving.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be asked to enter an email address if you’d like to keep informed about quizzes, competitions and other content from Young Car Driver, but this is always optional.

Which of these activities do you use your car for the most?