Citroën C2

The C2 was Citroën’s successor to the ever popular Citroën Saxo.

Insurance Group: 1

Sales in the UK began in  2003 and continued until 2009 when the model was discontinued. The C2 is a small compact hatchback popular with first time and younger drivers. Citroën sold many brand new units with free insurance.

Small, light and economical the C2 was awarded 4 stars in the ENCAP crash rating and 3 stars for child safety.


Citroën styling department hardly pushed the boundaries on this one, however, something about it makes me smile. It has a ‘look at me’ stance, something many other small cars lack.


Full of the usual cheap as chips plastic, the C2 is what it is. Roomy in the front, that soon disappears in the back, although if you are one of Cinderella’s dwarfs, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Things don’t get better  when you open the boot up. Everything about this car is compact!


Yes, I’d buy it if I had a couple of grand to spare. Insurance group 1 is appealing, reliability is reasonably good, and you’re safe…if you smash it up

Where did we find one?

We found one on Autotrader. Its a 2004 Citroen C2 1.1i SX 3dr with only 50,000 miles on the clock. priced at £3500.00. BARGAIN!
(prices correct as at March 2014)


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