Buying from a car dealer

Buying from a car dealer might cost you more than a private purchase, but you have greater legal protection if something goes wrong with the car.

The benefits of buying from a dealer

When you buy a car from a dealer, you are in reality purchasing benefits that are not available from a private seller. These include:

  • Better legal rights.
  • Options to part exchange your old car.
  • Dealer finance.
  • Pre sales check.
  • Warranties are also available.

Many people feel more comfortable to pay the extra and buy from the dealer, rather than have any additional uncertainty of buying privately.

Your legal rights

You are better legally protected when purchasing from a dealer. This is because the dealer as a trade is governed by the Sale of Goods Act, which requires that the car he sells is:

  • Of satisfactory quality.
  • Fit for purpose.
  • As described.

Ask the right questions

When buying a used car from a dealer, ask the right questions as this will help you to avoid buying a problem car and protect you legally.

Dealer finance

If you decide to go for dealer finance, make certain you get an additional discount on the car. The dealer will probably be getting commission on the finance, so you should benefit as well.

Before signing up to any finance agreement, it may prove beneficial to check out the availability of other finance options available to you.

Pre sales check

The dealer should also be making sure the car is roadworthy. Check the mileage is correct and confirm that the car is not on the stolen list.

FAQ’s – Buying from a car dealer

Find out your rights when buying a used car

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