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James Bond's Lotus Esprit S1

James Bond, 007….he’s had many cars over the years. Mostly sourced from Q Branch of MI6 and equipped with the latest gadgets, from ejector seats to remote control via a mobile, James has been lucky enough to have the keys handed to him on a plate, and then, in most cases, smashed or blown them[…]

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spring driving

Now the UK Government is looking to ease some of the travelling restrictions that have been in place since March 2020, and you may feel that going out on the road will feel strange at first. Read our driving advice here: YCD Driving HUB and take extra care. Stay safe, everyone. YCD

Some driving offences are shocking. Some however will leave you opened mouthed with wonder! See below for some examples of the weird and wonderful! Blind Driving 31 year old Iraqi, Omed Aziz was pulled over by police who after following him for 1 kilometer, realised he was blind, once the sunglasses came off! Omed lost[…]

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