Mobile phones when driving! Don’t risk it!

Using mobile phones when driving! Why take the risk? Did you know you are four times more likely to have an accident than if you were focusing on the road!

Mobile phones when driving

We are addicted to the Smartphone and just can’t put them down. We seem oblivious to the dangers of using mobile phones when driving even when we know we are flouting the law.

The Smartphone so dominates our lives that we can forget everything going on around us. That may be OK when you are in the cinema or at a dinner party, but it’s not a good idea using mobile phones when driving.

THINK! Mobile phones when driving video

The Think! Campaign run by the Department of Transport

Unfortuantly young drivers are the worst offenders

A staggering 1/5 young people have owned up to using mobile phones when driving to go on Facebook or other social media sites.

  • When a driver is on the phone the amount of time spent with their eyes, not on the road is FIVE times more than for normal driving.
  • The drivers reaction time will be cut by at least half, and they are four times more likely to cause an accident.
  • When texting on the mobile while driving they change lanes more times than average and make twice as many wrong lane changes.

Research shows that motorist of all the age groups sends and receives text messages, but the younger the driver, the more likely an offender.

UK drivers are generally law abiding

There are over 36 million full license holders in the UK, and only 3 million drivers have penalty points on their license.

Despite this more than one million drivers had got an endorsement on their driving license for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving since it was made illegal.

Are drivers guilty or oblivious of a criminal act?

Are drivers aware they are breaking the law? Do they understand that by using mobiles when driving a road accident can be a heartbeat away? Or are they just ignorant of the law?

The Answer is disturbing of all the drivers who owned up to using hand-held mobile phones when driving to text or go on social media, 90% of them admit to knowing they are breaking the law.

Even when the car is stationary its not safe

Even when the car is stationary it is an offense to use any hand-held communications device when driving. But motorists still think it acceptable to use a mobile at traffic lights or in a traffic jam.

More than half of drivers think it Not safe to use a mobile while the car engine is running. But 14% consider it safe to do so if they are catching up with Facebook, Instagram or their favorite social media site.

Drivers don’t beleive they will get caught

Drivers simply don’t think they will get stopped by the Police for using mobile phones when driving.

  • Five out of 10 motorists are confident they won’t get caught if texting while the car is stationary, but the engine running.
  • Worst still nearly 60% think even when they are driving the Police won’t stop them.

Other distractions

Drivers still believe that the most common causes of loss of concentration when driving are, by percentage:

Source RAC Report on Motoring 2014

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