The very best warranty cover you can buy for your car
Young car driver car warranties
Whats covered in our warranty?
  • We Cover More Parts!
  • We guarantee not to be beaten on price for any like for like cover
  • All Makes and Models Included!
  • Repairs at Approved Repairer, Main Dealer or Local Garage
  • No limit to the number of repairs
  • No contribution from you towards repair costs
  • £500 Car Hire, £250 Recovery, £250 Overnight Hotel, Travel Expenses and unlimited protection in Europe
  • Protection up to the retail value of your car at the time you take out the warranty

Used car warranties explained

3 Years or 60,000 miles

When a car is new it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will usually give the owner, cover for 3 years or 60,000 miles from the date of sale, against any defects that may cause the car to malfunction. This means the manufacturer would replace or repair the car with zero cost to you. When the manufacturer’s warranty expires you will have the option to extend the warranty cover on the car with an extended car warranty. The Warrantywise extended car warranty will offer similar cover to that supplied by the car manufacturer when the car was new. An extended warranty is extending your cover against specified mechanical or electrical breakdown and at the same time will save you money if something goes wrong with the car.

Is every extended car warranty the same?

No. The extended warranty cover available on your car can differ substantially between the various warranty plans offered. There are warranties on the market that will cover you only against a set list of items on the car. When you consider that there are more than 5,000 parts in an average car, a list that protects you against 150 items for an extended warranty policy is not very good value! A comprehensive extended warranty policy such as that offered by Warrantywise will provide a policy that covers ALL the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle when it’s up to 6 years old or has travelled up to 60,000 miles. Other warranty Part packages are available if your car exceeds this limit.

Who pays for the repairs?

Warranty companies are not immune from using warranty jargon to avoid paying for full replacement parts to your car. For instance some warranty suppliers terms contain “betterment” clauses in them, which allow a company to only pay for a limited amount of a Part depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle. When taking out a warranty policy never assume anything, if a warranty supplier tells you all parts of the car are covered, don’t take it for granted that the labour costs and additional expenses are also covered. Recent years have seen Labour costs at garages rise substantially. The main dealer Labour costs can be between £70 and £200, a significant number of warranty companies have no such provision in place to cover for Labour rates at these levels. Also additional expenses like hotel and travel costs may not be covered to the amount you need to pay by the warranty supplier. With Warrantywise you will be covered for the full 100% of the cost of replacing the parts required in a valid repair. You will also be offered the opportunity to take out cover for Labour varying from £35 to £200, this enables you to select the level of Labour you need for your car and/or budget. It will not matter whether you own a Ford or Ferrari, be assured with Warrantywise you will be fully covered if you want to have your car repaired at the main dealer, providing you have taken out the required Labour rate. Warrantywise will also pay you the true costs of breakdown and recovery, car hire, hotel and travel expenses if they are required.  Warrantywise do have full repair limits and these will be in detailed in the plan documentation.

Weasel words

Motoring journalist Quentin Wilson wrote the Warrantywise warranty with the premise of excluding what he refers to as “weasel words” – noxious little terms that some warranty providers use to avoid paying out some or your entire Repair. The Warrantywise terms exclude all such jargon to ensure an honest and transparent product. This means you can rest assured in the quality of your car warranty product, and that it’s there for you when you need it.

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