Young driver car Insurance for full and provisional drivers 17-24
young driver car insurance
Telematics car insurance No curfews or mileage limits
  • Young drivers 17 - 24
  • NO night time curfews or mileage limits
  • Cover for Full and Provisional licence holders

Young driver car insurance from Marmalade

Young driver car insurance

Marmalade believe young drivers will be responsible and drive safely from the beginning.

So, Marmalade New Driver Insurance doesn’t offer any of the complicated schemes to receive extra miles or discounts they just offer the lowest premium from the start.

No curfews or restrictions

There are no night time curfews or limit on miles driven with Marmalade’s New Driver Insurance, so you can drive when and where you want.

What is Telematics / Black Box Car Insurance?

Black Box car insurance helps you to develop safer driving skills, allowing you to review your driving from your Online Dashboard, tracking things such as acceleration, braking and cornering.

The best bit is by keeping a good driving score and avoiding making any claims you could receive up to 30% discount on your No Claims Bonus when you renew your New Driver Insurance.

Marmalade drivers have a much lower accident rate!

Marmalade encourage safer driving with their telematics car insurance for young drivers.

National Statistics indicate that 1 in 5 young drivers will have an accident within six months of passing the driving test.

For young drivers insured with Marmalade, this figure is as low 1 in 16!

Marmalade cars

Marmalade will only insure cars of no more than nine years old and up to 1.4 litres as these cars have higher NCAP safety ratings that help to keep young drivers safer on the roads.

Young driver car insurance is for full and provisional licence holders

Marmalade will insure you while you are learning to drive, as well as after passing your driving test.

So you can continue to drive on the same insurance and unlike other young driver insurance they won’t increase your premium when you pass your test!

Car insurance for responsible drivers

Unsafe driving skills could lead to a premium increase but 9 out of 10 Marmalade drivers have never had this problem.

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